Foto: Croatian Hall in South St. Paul in Minnesota (USA)

Foto: Croatian Hall in South St. Paul in Minnesota (USA)

(USA) MINNESOTA Croatian Hall celebrating 100 years of bringing immigrants together

There's a big party happening this upcoming weekend in South St. Paul.

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The Hrvatski Dom, better known as the Croatian Hall, has been a centerpiece for people who immigrated from Croatia for 100 years, reports 5abcNews.

Many of the original immigrants settled in South St. Paul to work in the stockyards. And this building was a place for them to kick back and connect.

A 100th-anniversary celebration is planned for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Six bands have been booked and there will be plenty of Croatian food.

At the turn of the 20th century, immigration to America was on the minds and in the hearts of millions of people. Thousands of Croatians and people of Slavic descent came to America, the land of opportunity and freedom.

Many settled in South St. Paul to work at the Union Stockyards and in the two meat-packing houses, Armour’s and Swift’s. In 1919, Croatians that settled in South St. Paul founded The Hrvatski Dom (Croatian Home). It became THE place for social events such as dances, dinners, weddings, and even funerals.

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